Ali Paul and Michael Williams independently arrived at the same idea for a new company and in 2007 it became the driving force behind Paul + Williams.

The concept was simple: be involved in everything that is happening at the company. Maintain connections to the product, the editors, the ideas and the market. No titles, no office politics. Spend time learning about what drives our clients and what will fuel their future success.

We aim to be helpful, smart, connected and strategic above all things.

We are honest, straightforward and nice to deal with. We pride ourselves on efficiency. We work and play well with others. Our offices have no drama. We place honesty and integrity at the heart of everything we do. We show up on time and we stay late. We love when people say: “You don’t strike me as a PR person.” We have fun, but not too much fun.

As a boutique agency we have resisted the urge to grow for the sake of growth – we only work with brands that we absolutely love. The litmus test is simple: Do I want to wear these clothes? Do I love this brand? If the answers are yes and it made sense with who we already represent, then it works.

Both Michael and Ali held posts at agencies of various size and stripe. Ali at PMK/HBH and then on to Paul Wilmot Communications where she worked in the same group as Michael. That shared big agency experience, and maybe the fact that they’re both natives of Ohio, led to the desire to create something different. At Paul + Williams we have worked extremely hard to create an environment that is entrepreneurial, but at the same time structured. Our goal is to have as little turnover as possible, both with employees and clients. To us, everything is a long-term relationship. We take on clients that are unique, have a story, and are the best at what they do. And we make sure people know it.


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